Anonymous asked:
How many followers you have?

that doesn’t matter

Anonymous asked:
I cant wait to see arch in Glasgow itll be my 18 bday when I see him im excited ill take pics and submit them even though its far away

cool! yay! Have fun!

Anonymous asked:
I hope one day archie finds this blog and appreciate your love 4 him :) do 4 love :))

i’d probably just be embarrassed, but it would be cool.

Anonymous asked:
How did you hear about krules music?

i was looking through mojo magazine and read an article about him, i was skeptical at first, i forgot about him for a while and then i was watching nosiey videos. The octopus video was in the suggested section and remembered him and clicked on it, was like he actually isn’t bad. Then listened to baby blue and was like whoa and downloaded all his songs. and so on.

Anonymous asked:
if ur only sticking to the music then post his music not pictures of his life ok


sandpapersigh asked:
lol its scary how much those anons know, stick to the music man, feel the vibe not his lifestyle

yeah, exactly

Anonymous asked:
actually that girl standing with him isn't a fan, they were hooking up when he was in NYC

oh well i dont keep track of stuff like that

Anonymous asked:
I heard that girl next to her was actually a thing. Actually I know, i was in nyc during the whole affair.

idk its not really my business anyway

Anonymous asked:
The girls name is anna p. She isn't just a fan


Anonymous asked:

yep yep