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Your a guy?

No I’m a girl, haha

Anonymous asked:
I think ur love for archie is amazing he would b so thankful for u man like ur respectful yet intouch ur trusted lol love u

Aw thank you so much! You are so nice, oh thanks again that means a lot.

Anonymous asked:
Nice answer, I'm kind of hesitant to go to a show now I know that's what he's thinking. I don't want to be judged because of my background. I mean I don't go into those areas he mentions but I don't fall into any 'wealthier persons' stereotype either. Bit disappointed as I genuinely love his music. You don't need to answer this btw lol

No, its okay go, just be real, be who are, fuck what anyone else thinks. Just enjoy the music, get into, that’s all archy wants. I sang every song, we’ll lip synced most and moved to the beat. That’s all archy cares about. The music. He’s one of the best out there now man. You have to see him live.

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what did you think about archys comments about the "rich" "fools" that come down to his shows in london?

He’s right, people who want to dress and act like they come from somewhere their Not, is not being real. I understand where’s he’s coming from. I also Understand people want to fit in too. I think its the invasion of his terf tha that mostly bothers him, which can be upsetting.
I dont think much of it, he just knows his real fans, from the fake ones.

Anonymous asked:
appreciate u so much for this blog damn . <3

Aw thank you! That means so much, really thank you:)

"I think the people who yearn for youth are the people whose mental growth is stunted. They’re not developing, but they’re getting older, so things just keep seeming worse. You know, some of the most intelligent and beautiful people I know have been stuck in the same place for 5 or 40 years, and they don’t move on. They don’t have that confidence."

Archy Marshall

aka King Krule

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king krule - oyster 104


King Krule - 04/2014 - Lyon (Fr)

©Kévin Pailler


He’s having so much fun I LOVE IT