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LOL! archy must have been baked outta his tree in that interview haaha <3



Interview with Archie of King Krule

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archy's active on twitter again

archy doesnt hav a twitter


so apparently archy and jamie isaac live together now and they really enjoy playing ping pong. and yeah i bet it won’t take long for someone to start writing fan fiction about these two… just saying

aw look at the besties

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARCHY! 20 YEARs OF PURE AWESOMENESS!! get as high as you can and fuck some bitches, yo! Were all waiting for your next lp's release woohoo #mahniggaarchy #teamlilginger I know he won't see this but I still wanted to wish him happy birthday~~ you da man!!!

haha yes!

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where is that last gif of archy from?

no idea ask she made them:]

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happy bday to archy &6 feet!!!

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i know this was a long time ago, but for the person who asked about the full concert that used to be up on youtube, where he played greyscale at the mercury lounge; IT'S BACK! =) lol just thought i'd let everyone know :D

yes it is!<333

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(I was the previous anon) Don't worry, I think it's sweet you're respecting his privacy that much :) Have a nice day!

oh well thank you<3 Good day to you too:]